Saturday, April 3, 2010


As you are already know before, the subjects that I had registered were English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311), Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Mandarin (BMD101), Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216), Fundamental Islamic Economics (CTU 241) and Entrepreneur Walkabout 1 (HPD 118). Here we should continue writing the details of the subjects.

First, the subject is English for Academic Purposes (BEL 311). Our lecturer is Mr. Izuan. He is still same just like my first impression towards him. He is really calm person and easier to discuss with him. Our assessments are still move on. Our final examinations are just around the corner. We must finish our assessment on the time given. I really hope that I can get A for this subject. It is really make me fear.

Second, the subject is Macroeconomics (ECO 211). I have already studied for this subject. It is quite hard because macroeconomics is about theory and calculation. I need to remember and understand all the formula. If not, I could not perform well. I already know who Miss Diyana is. She is nice and sometimes makes us feel comfortable to attend her class. I never skip or plan to skip for her class. It is unbelievable right? Hope that I will achieve my goals on this subject.

Third is Mandarin (BMD101). This subject is really fun to learn. I never get bored towards this subject. It is really amazing! Our lecturer is still same. Nothing changes about him. He still nice with our class and help us to understand clearly on this subject. Mandarin becomes more difficult from day to day. We need to concentrate in the class. No more play truant! The assessments still move on and I hope I will get A for this subject.

Fourth, the subject is Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262). Our lecturer is Madam Norsaliza. This subject is really tough. No wonder this subject brings 4 credit hours. From my view, many of us cannot perform well in the class. The assessments still move on. I must perform better in the final examination. Hopefully, I will get A for this subject.

Fifth is Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216). Our lecturer is Professor Madya Ruhana. She still nice and treat us like her children. Always give us advice in our daily lives. She always calm if we do not understand about something. Sometimes, she also very kind to buy us junk food. Our syllabus has finish and our assessment still move on. I hope to get A for this subject.

Sixth is Fundamental Islamic Economics (CTU 241). Our lecturer is Siti Aishah bte Sokhibul Fadil. We do presentation as our assessment for this subject and we only have one test. Fundamental Islamic Economics is quite easy because it is related with our surrounding. I hope to get A for this subject.

Last is for co-curriculum. I have chosen Entrepreneur Walkabout 1 (HPD 118). Entrepreneurship is easy to understand. It is the requirement to do presentation as our assessment. The presentation brings 60 percent marks. A lot of marks focus on presentation right? We must try our best to get full marks. Please pray for me…

I hope we will learn something from the registered subjects. Not only for the final exam, but it is also useful for our future. Let’s make learning become more fun!

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